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Testimonials and Success Stories

"I met Dr. Soumya at her informative presentation at the Fremont Library. She was very detailed in taking my physical, and mental history. She informed me of my dosha, sent us recipes, and gave me breathing exercises to do. She was very careful in not overwhelming me with too much information all at once. The ayurveda diet was perfect for my situation and I felt healthier once incorporating the changes in my diet. My blood sugar level started going down. Dr. Soumya is very patient and understanding."- C.L, Hayward, CA

"I had symptoms of bloating, heaviness, burping, loss of appetite  and loss of sleep. Dr. Soumya started me with some ayurvedic herbs and then did a detoxification therapy on me. The detoxification has made me feel lighter than before, more active and I feel my energy level has gone up. I also do not have the symptoms of bloating or burping anymore." - J.L., Union City, CA

"I have few common concerns regrading my overall immunity, hypothyroidism, and allergies. Now, after treatment I feel more energetic and my stress levels are down."- S.M., Pleasanton, CA

"Better periods, feeling strength, pains in joints went away, feeling happier, feeling myself! Thanks Doc- I can walk 4 miles, which I have not done in the last 2 years."- S.R., Fremont, CA

"Got rid of my kidney stones and was able to avoid surgery through ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Soumya."- J.A., Fremont, CA