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About Dr. Soumya, BAMS, Ph.D.


Dr. Soumya, the owner and founder of Kashi Ayurveda has 15 years of experience treating patients through Ayurveda. She received her BAMS (Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) training from Pune, India. Her ayurvedic training is recognized by the Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi. After this training, she continued to do research work at The Ayurveda Research Institute, Pune. She has been invited to lecture at major Ayurvedic hospitals in India such as Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakal, Her publications include esteemed journals such as 'Light on Ayurveda Journal' and ‘Ayurveda Journal for Health’.

Her Story of Resilience


Soumya's dedication to Ayurveda stems from her own experience. She met with a car accident a few years ago and her recovery has been due to Ayurveda, and extensive physical exercises. The odds were insurmountable in her life, but she rose against them with determination, will power and tenacity. Her heart fills with gratitude towards Ayurveda for this science has helped her actually see that nothing is impossible with positive energy and imagination. Her clients say that her life story and the fact that she has seen death so closely make her a better healer.

When all doors close, one door opens up. So, let your inner awareness rise and maintain your quest to find an alternative path to healthy life. Ayurveda might just have the right solution for you. 

Journal Publications

Upadhyay S. (2014), Case Study of Treatment of Herpes Simplex, Ayurveda Journal of Health, 12(1)

Upadhyay S. (2013), Case Study of Treatment of Hikka (Chronic Hiccup), Light on Ayurveda Journal, 11(3)