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Our mission is to maintain your health if you are healthy and improve your health if you are ailing. To achieve this goal, we can help you with any of the following.

Consultation and herb recommendations-

Consultation -includes body constitution analysis (prakriti), pulse diagnosis (nadi pariksha), breathing techniques, diet (ayurvedic recipes) and lifestyle  guidelines and herb recommendations.

Ayurvedic detoxification and healing therapies-

1. Full body therapeutic ayurvedic massage [Abhyanga] with herbal oil chosen according to your dosha imbalance. Abhyanaga supports healthy body tissues and is recommended as a routine practice for healthy individuals. If illnesses happen, Abhyanga is used as a procedure to cure the illness.

Benefits- Relieves any kind of pain, improves body complexion, maintains natural lustre of skin, relaxes muscles, diminishes fatigue, induces sleep, promotes health by rejuvenating body tissues. This procedure is particularly effective in balancing vata dosha and to improve physical strength.

2. Therapeutic herbal steam therapy [Swedana] with herbal decoction- Steam is induced and the body perspires after abhyanga. This releases the toxins lodged in the body and cleanses the system. In Ayurveda, Sweat is a form of waste and elimination of this waste is important to maintain health and to cure illnesses.

Benefits- relieves heaviness in the body, body feels light and healthy, alleviates pain and good for cold, allergic rhinitis.

3. Kati Basti (Lumbar spine treatment) - Warm and herbal (medicated) oil bath on the sacral and lumbar region. It is a localized form of swedana in which warm oil is retained on the lower back to apply the heat.

Benefits- This procedure is effective in painful conditions of the lower back, arthritis, disc proalpse, lumbar spondylosis any other back problems including back pain due to bad posture at office desk.

4. Griva Basti (Neck treatment)- This procedure is similar to Kati Basti. In this procedure, warm herbal (medicated) oil bath is retained and applied to the back of the neck region within a doughnut shaped frame prepared by black gram flour or whole wheat flour.

Benefits- helps to relieve pain, spasm and stiffness in the neck region which may also arise due to  office work or other physical strain, alleviates tension and loosens up the neck muscles. Useful in cervical spondylosis.

5. Janu Basti (Knee treatment)- This procedure is also similar to kati basti. In this procedure, warm herbal oil bath is retained and applied on the knees.

Benefits- helps to relieve spasm, pain and stiffness in the knee joints, reduces fatigue and relieves tension in muscles. Useful in rheumatoid arthritis.

Note- Discounts are available if you choose more than one service.

Diet and nutrition-

Ayurvedic cooking (1 hour lesson)- includes demonstration of ingredients, recipes, cooking techniques, materials and you get to enjoy the meal too! Ayurvedic recipes are nutritious, light, easy to digest and typically vegetarian.


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